The Music of John Lazar
Downloads of original music available on the following sites: (click on the links below)
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Please feel free to look around, check out the links, and most of all listen to my music. I hope that as you browse through this material, you will enjoy what I've shared. I would then be grateful if you would consider attending one of my live shows, sharing my music with your friends and family, or even making positive and encouraging posts on social media.

Only with this kind of support can original artists, like myself, be able to continue to create and produce new and exciting content, which not only adds to the growing body of human music, but also helps to move new generations of listeners in their own personal and spiritual evolution.

Music has helped me through many of life's challenges, and hopefully I can use it to help others in their own journeys and create a musical legacy that will inspire people for generations to come.

You can also check out my Cover Music Player at